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Posted by columnist786 on January 3, 2013 at 4:05 AM Comments comments (0)

I was 8th class student. I had a jabbering parrot who jabbered the whole day. We lovingly named him, ' MITTOO'. It was all joy at home due to MITTOO. We clipped his wings short so that he shouldn’t fly away. MITTOO would roam about the whole day in the house. One day I woke up in the morning and found MITTOO nowhere also didn't hear his voice. I was much perturbed and told my mother that I was going out in search of MITTOO. My mother noticed my perturbed face and then said to me," Things once gone don't return. What is fated does happen. Now if you look for him you will not be able to find him. Why should you roam about in search of him? Even then you should satisfy yourself." I went outdoor n started inquiring about MITTOO. I continued this whole day. The evening was approaching and I had gone far away from home. In the meantime I spotted an innocent little girl who was repeatedly saying," MIAN MITTOO do you want to eat CHOORI"?She was bout five when I asked her name, she said that she was Rabia and she lived in the same locality and added that her elder brother had also a parrot. I accompanied Rabia to her home and requested her mother that I wanted to see the parrot. The moment I saw the parrot I recognized it and said to Rabia' s mother" This is my MITTOO I have been looking for him since morning and I went to take him along with me" Rabia' s mother said" If this MITTOO is yours you can take him." On reaching home I told my mother that I had found MITTO. She was amazed and happy. That day I learnt the greatest lesson of my life. If I had not left home that day and depended on fate then probably I would have not found my lost MITTOO but I went outdoors in search of MITTOO and thus I found my MITTOO. Allah Almighty has delegated numerous powers. He has also given him the choice to mould his own fate but man leaves everything to fate whereas fate leaves numerous things to man. Man has two choices in every opportunity. It depends on man which choice he makes. On that day I had also two choices: one, the choice of leaving everything to fate remain indoors, two, the choice of making effort. And I chose to make effort.



(Rashid Dar)